Partitioning an external Mac OS X HDD

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April 18, 2012

Once you brought an external Mac OS X hard drive to back up your important data you must partition it before usage. The external hard drives comes pre-formatted with either FAT or NTFS file systems. And Mac supports HFS+ file system. So in order to use the external hard disk drive one must partition it to support HFS file systems.

How to partition an external HDD to HFS file systems:-

  • Connect the drive with the Mac OS X
  • Goto Disk Utility
  • From the list of the hard drive attached to the Mac, click the external hard drive
  • Check out for the partition Tab and click on it.
  • Click 1 partition, which can be located under Volume Scheme
  • Now click on Apply
  • Click partition to start the process.
  • The either way of doing the same is with a partition manager tool which creates HFS+ partitions on the external HDD.

Now the partitioned hard disk is ready to be used as a alternative storage device.

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