Plot a heart curve on Wolfram Alpha

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February 11, 2011

Wolfram Alpha can do complex calculations for you ranging from Trigonometric to complex statistical calculations. When it comes to Wolfram Alpha its mostly about measurement and precision. Do you know that Wolfram Alpha can plot a heart curve, the symbol of love from a complex mathematical equation? Impress your beloved this Valentine’s day by telling her the mathematics behind the love symbol.

Wolfram Alpha Fifth Heart CurveWolfram Alpha can plot curves of all sorts. Wolfram Alpha comprehends the sign of love by “fifth heart curve”. In wolfram Alpha’s search box, type “fifth heart curve” and you’ll get a complex equation along with a plot of the love symbol. You can also try “fourth heart curve” but the heart won’t look as perfect as in the prior. You can save the symbol from the peel up below the image.

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