Remove extra whitespace in Gmail’s Dense Preview theme

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July 7, 2011

You must have tried out Gmail’s new Preview(Dense) theme. This is the upcoming preview version of Gmail’s cleaner and more modern looking interface. If you have already activated the Preview or Dense Preview versions in Gmail, you must have noticed that there are some extra whitespaces as compared to the earlier themes. Well, many of you may like it but having extra whitespaces along the top and side may not appeal some of you. If you want to have a more compact look with lesser whitespace for Gmail’s Dense Preview theme, you can have it using Stylish or Greasemonkey.

As many of you know, Stylish is a firefox addon that lets you use custom styles for selected websites and Greasemonkey lets you run custom javascript codes on top of sites. You can use Gmail UI script for Greasemonkey. It basically removes the extra whitespaces in Gmail’s Dense Preview theme and makes Next/Previous buttons in Gmail bigger.

For stylish, you can use this style to remove the extra whitespace and make the layout look more compact. This style reduces the whitespaces in the mail list area, left menu list etc.

With these scripts and styles, you can easily remove extra whitespace in Gmail’s Preview or Preview (Dense) theme.

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  • Jyfoster879876

    Do you have any idea how this change can be made for Google Chrome users?

  • Anonymous

    you can install userscripts on Chrome directly without having to use
    Greasemonkey. Go to the installation page for Gmail UI userscript and click
    on the install button. After downloading it, Google Chrome asks if you want
    to install it. Click on Yes to install the Gmail UI userscript.