Tricks to Recover PDF Password

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September 26, 2012

Today, where there is cyber crime reached at its peak, protecting data became the major concern for all computer users. Keeping this fact in mind, various computer applications provide the option to password protect their files. One of which, is Adobe PDF or Portable Document Format file. PDF is global format for virtual sharing of rich data from any application on any system (computer), anywhere. The PDF files can be protected with passwords at two levels, which are user password and owner password. But people tend to forget PDF passwords in the lack of a proper record keeping practice. Well here are some tips for PDF password recovery. User password restricts opening of PDF file by unauthorized user. That means if you have applied user password to your PDF file, then only the person, who has the password to open this file can access it. Whereas, owner password applies various restrictions on the PDF document, hence by owner password, you can restrict a PDF file from printing, content editing, content copying, etc.

However, is it possible to remember passwords applied to your various PDF files? Well, practically not! This is the reason why, most of you encounter various situations of password loss. Moreover, applying same password is also not recommended, as leakage of password of one file can leak passwords applied to various files. Then what should be the tricks one can use in order to remember (or recover) passwords applied to his/her various files? Below mentioned are some really helpful tricks to recover PDF password when you have forgotten or lost it:

  • Maintain Backup of All Passwords: This is one of the easiest ways to recall the passwod applied to any PDF file. In this method, you need not to remember long list of passwords. Instead all you need to do is to maintain a sheet of various passwords and keep this sheet at some secure location.
  • Use Similar Type of Passwords: You can follow a fashion to store passwords of various PDF files. Some people follow a mathematical progression after a specific set of alphabet in their passwords. This is an easy trick to remember password.
  • Use Efficient PDF Password Recovery Tool: If you have forgotten the password applied to your PDF file, and then using an efficient tool to recover the password can do the needful.

Vast range of tools for PDF password recovery are available online. These tools recover lost or forgotten passwords applied to PDF files. A reliable tool for this category, recovers Owner’s as well as User’s passwords both. Efficient software generally provides Mask Module to mask the character set of your lost or forgotten password. By masking the character set, you can minimize the time taken by the tool in recovering password. Most of the PDF password recovery tools generate detailed log report of entire recovery process. Some tools facilitate you to save the log report at your desired location for further reference.

Authentic tools generally provide you the demo version by which you can evaluate their software. Most of the times, the demo shows first three characters of the original password. Therefore, after getting satisfied by the demo version, you can purchase the license of the tool.

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    You can also try to use Kernel for PDF restriction removal tool. It creates a new PDF file without any restrictions and does not decrypt the original file or destroy its integrity. The tool possesses a self-descriptive and user-friendly interface; hence no technical expertise is required to perform the required operation.