10 Super Useful Printer Driver Repositories

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October 28, 2010

This is a guest post by James Adams, a writer who works at CartridgeSave.co.uk where he writes reviews of inkjet supplies for businesses throughout the UK.

When you need to find drivers for your printer, you don’t have to go much further than to your computer. Thanks to the growing world of Internet, you have a lot of partners available online that will help you identify, locate, and download the files you need to get your printer installed and running right. Next time you need a printer driver, try one of these 10 super useful printer driver repositories.

  1. DriverGuide: Log into DriverGuide to find all the drivers you need for your computer, including printer drivers. All you do is sign up for a free registration and you will gain access to one of the largest repositories of drivers found anywhere online. Search by device type or manufacturer to find the printer driver you need. If you have questions, there is a vibrant online community ready to offer you support.
  2. MrDriver: Features a driver scan feature that will look for the peripherals you have attached to your computer and automatically download the best driver for them. You can also perform a manual search for printer drivers or browse through a comprehensive collection of drivers for every printer and every conceivable operating system.
  3. WinDrivers: Another online repository where you can find drivers for your printer. When you register for this site, you get access to a large hardware manufacturer directory that you can use all the time, not just for printers. You get to search for your printer drivers plus participate in their community support forums. Get all the hardware and software news you need and more all at this one exciting site.
  4. DriversCollection: A good site to use when you are looking for printer drivers. The site doesn’t have very many bells and whistles, a feature that may appeal to a lot of users, and lets you look for your drivers using a simple index-style interface and a simple search utility. You can also click on the printer drivers link to manually browse the listing for the driver that matches your model.
  5. Driverfiles.net: A great place to start your search for drivers from your printer’s manufacturer. From there you can drill down to consider different models and operating systems. You will be surprised at the number of different printer drivers that are available from just this one site.
  6. Gutenprint: This is the place to turn to when you need printer drivers that will work with GIMP (the open source image editing program/), Foomatic, CUPS, and Ghostscript. Before you change your project or go looking for a new printer, be sure to stop by Gimp Print first. The Gutenprint project specializes in Linux and Unix print drivers.
  7. Open Printing: Another prime source for printer drivers that are compatible with Linux and Unix operating systems. Whether you need to get your printer up and running in one of these alternate environments of if you are a software developer, you should visit this site to find drivers that you can integrate into your projects.
  8. Softpedia: A powerful source for drivers of every type (including printer drivers). If you need to update your driver or find one that works with you computer, this is one site that you should not overlook. First browse by driver type and then choose from the manufacturer’s list until you find the make and model of your printer.
  9. Print Country: Offers an interactive utility that tries to automatically locate the best driver for your printer. While you are visiting Print Country, be sure to stock up on all your cartridges. If you don’t need any printer supplies, don’t worry because no purchase is required in order to use this site.
  10. Ink Guides: A full featured website deals with all sorts of printer issues and offers a large selection of drivers and links that you can use to get your printer set up properly. Be sure to take advantage of all the resources that are available here.

Armed with these 10 super useful printer driver repositories, you should be able to find the driver you need for virtually any printer in any situation.

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