8 Commercial Services to Monitor Your Family’s Time Online

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November 20, 2010

This is a guest post by James Adams, a writer who works at CartridgeSave.co.uk where he writes reviews of hardware like HP 350XL.

You want your children to have the best online experiences available, but you realize that you must take certain security measures to keep your family safe from online predators. You want to filter the unsavory or unwarranted content as well as monitor their usage. Fortunately, there are applications and services which will monitor your child’s activity and report back to you. Here is a list of some commercial programs designed to keep your children safe.

1. SecureTeen [1 year/ 3 Devices $39.99]
Available for PC as well as mobile devices, SecureTeen comes equipped with just the right tools to protect your child from multifaceted cyber threats. It lets you block access to adult content on your kids’ device, record browsing history, monitor their Facebook and Instagram activity, set a time-based schedule for device usage, block applications, track location via GPS, and much much more. The best part is that it lets you do all this remotely. With SecureTeen guarding your little ones, you need not spend your time worrying about their safety.
2. PC Tattletale Software [$49.99, $49.99 per year thereafter] – This program works in the shadows while your child surfs the internet. It will record chats and emails. It will also capture passwords and examine web site histories. Your child will be none the wiser as they go about their daily activities, and you will know about all of their activities.

3. IamBigBrother [$29.99, $9.99 for monitoring] – IamBigBrother is an online service, accessible by parents from mobile applications as well as the desktop computer. It records everything that the child is doing online, from conversations to keystrokes. Capture passwords and keystrokes and receive screen captures. IamBigBrother integrates itself with multiple chat and mail clients to capture everything.

4. Realtime Spy Software [$79.99] – With a remote install, this program is nearly impossible to detect. Examine the activity logs from anywhere on the net. Learn about the websites your child is visiting, the people that your child is chatting with and more. Realtime Spy Software offers real time keystroke viewing so you will can directly intervene in any harmful activity.

5. Advanced Parental Control [$39.97] – This program takes a different approach to monitoring and usage. Make schedules for your children, restricting their access to certain times of the day. Record your teenager’s website visits and keystrokes with the Advanced Parental Control. If you are concerned about the influence of music on your child, you can filter keywords from searches. All of these great features are controlled through a secure administration panel, so there is no need to worry about security.

6. CyberPatrol Parental Controls [$49.95 for online protection] – With Cyber Patrol, you can be selective about what your child views on the internet. You can stop the viruses from entering your computer by preventing program downloads. You can limit chatting and instant messaging and block distasteful words from your children’s view. Cyber Patrol lets you control your child’s internet experience, from the time that they spend to the places that they visit.

7. Paralert [$57 per year] – Paralert is a real time monitoring services that keeps tabs on children’s online activities. You choose keywords for the application to notice, and the program will send notifications of that keyword directly to your inbox. Each of the notifications is accompanied by a screen shot, so you can make the choice on whether your child is doing something outside of the boundaries.

8. Net Nanny [$39.99 per year] – With an easy to use interface, Net Nanny is one of the most popular internet monitoring and filtering programs on the market today. It will analyze and block the content that your child sees in real time. You can block internet sites on the fly, controlling your child’s internet experience. Pornography and potentially unsafe games are blocked, as well as any unsavory messages that your child may receive.

9. CyberSieve [$34.95] – CyberSieve will allow you to adjust for a child’s maturity level and habits, making it easy to use for the entire family. You can restrict instant messaging and chats, receive information about your child’s habits, and schedule your child’s internet time. You can limit the programs available to your child and monitor usage in real time.

As a parent, you need to be informed about your child’s online activities. You need to know more about the individuals with whom they are conversing. You need to know about the games that they are playing and the sites that they are visiting. With proper net monitoring software, your child can be safe from predators and harm.

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