A List of Essential Utilities to Tune up Mac OS X

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August 24, 2012

Mac operating systems are stable as they are specially designed for the hardware on which they run. The device drivers are considered as one of the major causes of system instability. If you have a corrupt or badly written driver, it can bring down your system to a halt. As Apple doesn’t allow running Macs on generic machines, users do not face the same set of issues as they typically encounter on other platforms. Apple has dedicated applications that are closely tied with the hardware to deliver the best performance. Mac OS X systems can manage a huge load without crashing. Being a UNIX-based operating system, it is far more secure and way ahead in the competition to others.

Despite these capabilities, various problems have come into the picture, which interfere with the smooth functioning of Mac systems. These include disk corruption, degraded performance, defragmentation, and data loss. In order to get your Mac running at peak performance without errors, you can take help of some of these best Mac utilities of all time.

  • Disk Utility

Disk Utility is an inbuilt Mac OS X tool that helps you perform all the essential disk-related tasks, including creation and compression of disk images, verification of disk’s integrity, addition of partitions, deletion of free space, and more. The indispensable tool also allows checking and repairing permissions on Apple-originated objects stored on the Mac boot volume.

  • Unarchiver

Unarchiver, a replacement for ‘Archive Utility.app’ (the built-in archive unpacker program in Mac OS X), quickly unpacks archive files of different formats. The tool supports more formats than Archive Utility and can also deal with files that contain characters from foreign character sets in their names.

  • Onyx

This is a free software tool for Mac OS X that supports a range of functions, including maintenance, rebuilding, and cleaning. The software facilitates repairing disk permissions, executing maintenance scripts, and cleaning out system caches, user caches, font caches or temporary files. With this tool, you can change settings on the Finder, Dock, and other applications installed in your system.

  • FaceButler

FaceButler is an application from Mac App Store that enables developers to run and test FQL queries against the Facebook API. With this inbuilt Apple utility, you can organize your queries in a customizable Favorites-Tree and add SQL- or C-Style comments to your FQL Code.

  • Sophos Anti-Virus For Mac OS X

The software can safeguard your system from the latest viruses that come from different sources, such as emails, DVDs, network share, web downloads, etc. It has patented InterCheck technology to ensure a real-time protection while incurring minimal overhead.

  • Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

This is a comprehensive Mac data recovery software that recovers your valuable data from all types of Mac supported storage media, including hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, iPods, and optical media. The software can recover files, documents, images, songs, audios, movie clips, databases, and more. The utility supports all Intel based Macs and PowerPC Macs and is compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.8 ‘Mountain Lion’.

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