Adobe Edge – Adobe’s new tool for HTML5 editing

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August 2, 2011

HTML5 is getting so popular that experts are suggesting that Flash may become obsolete in the coming years. Adobe, the software giant who had acquired Macromedia, the original creators of Flash have launched a toolkit called Adobe Edge for professional web developers and designers that lets them create rich pages with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
Adobe says that the toolkit named Edge will bring animations similar to the ones created in Flash to websites by using HTML5, Javscript and CSS3. Adobe Edge is becoming a trending topic on Twitter as well. Although the animations created with HTML5 by many websites are not as smooth and interactive as Flash but Adobe Edge can make the process faster.

Adobe says that the recently released version of Adobe Edge will focus on adding rich motion design to HTML websites, to make them run beautifully on computers and mobile devices. You can basically create drawings and compositions with the drawing tools in Adobe Edge. Adobe Edge also has a timeline editor like in Flash. Position, size, shape, color rotation etc. can be fine tuned with Edge. Copy pasting transitions, inverting them and picking from the built in animation effects are also available in Edge.

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  • Hippo Studios

    Have you tried Hippo Animator yet? It’s like Edge but it works on old browsers like IE6 as well as modern browsers and smartphones.

    Merry Christmas


  • Anonymous

    Not yet, think I should try
    Happy new year 2012.