Adobe MUSE: A New Design Tool Which Revolutionized The World Of Designing!

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March 6, 2012

The headline says it all, Adobe’s new web design software, has come up which would definitely explode the stereotypical world of designing. They have named it MUSE. The tool has been kept in mind its end users, that is, InDesign and Illustrator users. Designers who are not coders can now generate creative websites through MUSE.

Designing team has done a fantastic job with respect to the UI, they have made use of the lightweight AIR programming platform.

No doubts there are tools available in the market for designers yet the Adobe’s team is sure that their creation will whet the designers for more consequent upon which they might shrug off from employing tools such as Photoshop.


Plan, Design, Preview and Publish are the four desks that it employs.

Plan: It creates structure of the site simply using the combination of hierarchical thumbnail org charts and “master” pages.

Design: With the slight touch of Adobe Creative Suite is consistent with respect to tool palettes and features. Rudimentary fills are quite similar to that of Photoshop CS3.

Preview: Rendering of individual pages in done via WebKit browser, which happens to be an embedded one. I feel that there’s a minor flaw in here, we can not preview navigation or go back.

Publish: Two options have been provided for publishing – export to HTML or it could be directly published to Adobe’s Business Catalyst hosting. The role of HTML is to support exports complete overwrite while the BC hosting offers a 30 day free trial sites. I would go with the latter one, I mean it is great way to run the design by other people.

Overview of using MUSE

1) There is no knowledge of HTML or coding required to do the process. Even a naïve person in the field can generate creative websites.

2) Giving control and flexibility to a person who has no prior knowledge or expertise in designing is a plus point.

3) The frame-work and transparent design is such that it gives an interactive and user friendly appeal to a designer.

4) UI is design oriented while it goes online. Designer has full control while spelling out page layout and design, which will be automatically converted to W3C validated standard HTML codes.

5) It is supported by cloud based technology. As per the requirement, users can download and save the file in their hard disk.

Best part on working with MUSE is that instead of having a feel of web designing one gets a feel of churning out innovative websites :).

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