Adobe’s Image Deblur tool

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October 11, 2011

Mobile phone cameras do not give results as great as SLRs but some modern day camera phones deliver such pictures that it is difficult to tell them apart from standard digital camera photos. Besides the the censor, a lot of things such as movement, amount of light etc. make a big difference in the quality of photos. Aren’t you annoyed to see motion blurred pictures that would otherwise have looked great, hadn’t there been a hand movement? Well your woes may come to an end very soon as Adobe will soon be introducing a Deblur tool in the upcoming release of Photoshop that would help you correct your blurred pictures.

Adobe has demonstrated picture deblur tool that automatically analyzes how shaky the camera was and then corrects the image by rectifying the motion blur caused due to the hand movement. After you load an image, the tool analyses the motion trail of the camera and then corrects the image accordingly.

The tool is said to be included in the future version of Photoshop and was demoed at Adobe MAX 2011. The tool was caught by Peter Elst.

The system first analyses the motion trajectory of the camera during the time when the shutter was open and then shows the exact movements involved. The tool then backtacks through the blurring process and then generates a more focused version of the image. The tool also has an option for correcting blurred text. You need to select a text area within the image and choose the text option and after analyzing the motion trail, the tool corrects the text to make it more legible.

The system creates a motion trajectory of the camera for the time that the shutter was open, analyzing the exact movements involved. From that – and some other unspecified parameters loaded in the background, which we’re guessing will play a pretty significant role as well – the app can backtrack through the blurring and create a sharper, corrected copy.

One great thing about the too is that you don’t need to use the RAW file from the camera and instead use any image format. The tool can bring a revolution in correcting motion blurred digital images.

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