Check rapidshare links before visiting

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September 24, 2009

Rapidshare, Megaupload, Filefactory, etc. are sites that most of us use for uploading nifty stuff for others to download. These sites generally don’t require sign ups and all we need to do is upload a file and copy the URL provided for sharing. But sometimes, we are disappointed when Rapidshare or Megaupload show ugly error pages. But, a tiny greasemonkey script can spare us this pain. Lets check out Rapidshare links checker. There are Greasemonkey scripts for Twitter and Facebook as well and they run perfectly on Firefox and Google Chrome.With Greasemonkey plugin activated, visit Rapidshare links checker script page on userscripts. The script is saved into greasemonkey instantly with the click of the “Install button”.  Now the script is ready to function.

Now, whenever you come across a rapidshare link on any site, including forums or blogs, you’ll see a small green tickmark next to the link. That means the link works. If the link doesn’t work, you’ll get a red crossmark next to the link.

rapidshare links checker greasemoknkey  user script This script works not only for Rapidshare but also works for Megaupload, Filefactory etc. The best thing about the script is that it is fast in checking links. It can check about 900 links in 0.5 seconds in a dedicated which is a really impressive figure. And there is no limit of checking links and you can check thousands of links without Rapidshare getting angry at you. This is because the script checks all the links in a batch without accessing the original link checker pages of the file host one by one.

The rapidshare database on is actually a part of  this userscript. This script can send only the URLs of the pages where the links are working. And no cookies or other information are sent to the database. So, you can use this script to check any number of links on Rapidshare.

So, use this Greasemonkey script and get some relief while looking for rapidshare files.

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