Chrome Browser Finally Comes to Android

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March 16, 2012

Many Android users have complained that the Google Chrome isn’t immediately available on their smartphones. Personally, I thought it was a little odd that Google would be the last to launch its own browser on its own smartphone.After all this time, the wait seems to be finally over.

Google announced recently that they were going to be launching a version of Google Chrome for Android phones. The browser is still in beta, but it is a great start. After all the effort that Google has invested in the application, it is clear why they have taken so much time to bring Chrome to their own smartphone.

The Android version of Chrome will have identical features to the desktop version. Android users will even have the opportunity to use tabs on the browser window. This is something people rarely have the opportunity to take advantage of with a smartphone.

Google issued a statement on its website defining the three key attributes that Chrome will bring to Android users:

  1. Speed. Google will contain instant search capabilities through its address bar. This capability was a big convenience over other browsers when Chrome was launched for the desktop as well. It will likely come in even handier with smartphones, considering how much more limited the space is.
  2. Simplicity. Google has provided two features that make Chrome easier to work with. They have resized the tabs specifically to fit onto the Android. They have also created a link preview option, which resizes your links when you want to click on one. This makes it much easier to make sure that you are clicking the right link.
  3. Syncing. Users can easily sign into the browser and stay logged in. This allows you to receive much better suggestions for searches and other features than you would otherwise. Also, you will be able to keep track of your bookmarks and open up your tablets where you left off much more easily.

Although the app has just been launched, many people are expecting it to be just as good as Google has promised. Even though it is still in beta launch, Android users understand that Google likes to do things right from the very beginning. As a result, they expect that the Chrome browser will have almost all of the same impressive functional capabilities that they have on their desktop.

I expect that the launch will be well worth the wait. It appears that Google has taken great strides to remove a number of the headaches that smartphone users have traditionally had to worry about. I will be glad that I won’t have to worry about using having to spend 20 minutes hitting the backspace icon because I kept clicking the wrong link.

Google really impressed me when it launched Chrome for the first time, but its integration into the smartphone sounds like it may be sheer genius. Who could possibly argue with that?

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