Closing More Deals With Electronic Signatures

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June 26, 2011

Time is money, which is why business leaders are always looking for ways to expedite the process of getting contracts and documents signed and delivered. One of the smartest ways of speeding up the process is by utilizing e-signature technology.

Back in the not so distant past, companies that relied on getting signed contracts back from clients paid for courier services and expensive next-day deliveries. The introduction of fax machines did little to ease the burden, since the hassles associated with making sure a particular fax went through to the appropriate recipient were irksome, at best.

E-signature applications remove the barriers that prevent businesses from working as quickly and efficiently as possible. Rather than waiting by the mailroom or the fax machine, businesspeople who use e-signature technology can manage their most important documents from any device that’s connected to the web – including laptops and mobile phones.

Not only can e-signature software users send out contracts to be signed immediately, but they can also find out when those contracts have been received and reviewed without having to pick up the phone to follow up. Clients can sign contracts online without having to search for a printer or a fax machine, eliminating one of the most common reasons for delays.

Web electronic signature tools also reduce the chances for human error when it comes to signing lengthy documents, since the applications automatically direct users to the exact spots where signatures or initials are required. Digital tools make companies look more professional, and lead to increased satisfaction among customers who are able to send and receive important paperwork with just a few simple clicks.

These online tools are useful for more than just signing contracts and documents. They can also expedite the process of filling out applications and forms – an important feature for any company that sends out credit applications or paperwork for new hires on a regular basis.

It once took weeks to send and receive documents through first-class mail, and up until recently people spent hours sitting by fax machines waiting for signed contracts to come through. Now, thanks to e-signature tools, sending a contract to be signed and returned can be done in as little as 60 seconds.

The technology exists to get work done in a fraction of the time – businesses just have to reach out and use it.

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