Count words in documents in bulk with Total Assistant

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January 13, 2011

If you are a blogger or any other professional who needs to use a Word Processor very often, you would be in the habit of checking the word count frequently. Depending upon the type of your work, sometimes you may need to fulfil the criteria of a certain word count. Even online word processors like Google Docs or Zoho can show the word count of a document. But what if you have dozens of documents and you need to have the total word in a single go? It wouldn’t be practical to open up every single document and check its word count. Well, Total Assistant is a great solution for checking word counts of documents in bulk.

Word Count multiple=Total Assistant bulk word counter tool can not only count the total number of words but also characters and lines too. You just need to select a file or a folder and Total Word Count will give you the word count reports within seconds. It also supports drag and drop adding of multiple files. Just drag and drop your document files from the windows explorer to Total Word Count’s window and it will count the words and lines for you.

Bulk word counting software, Total Assistant works not only for Word or Excel documents but practically for all major text file formats like PDF, HTML etc. You can directly specify a folder to count the words in the documents inside it. You can also evaluate the cost for each line of text you wrote through the cost calculator tool of Total Word Count. You can copy the summary of word/line/character count report and paste it to your document.

All in all Total Assistant is a really very useful software for counting the words and characters of multiple files. Although the software doesn’t come for free, it can really be worth its price and can be very useful for article writers and translators.

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  • Earth

    doesn’t work with openoffice .odt format unfortunately

  • Anonymous

    yes, it may have issues with .odt files for open office. You need to change
    them to .txt files or instead into .docx format.