Create Video Screensaver of your own for free

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April 8, 2009

Everytime you are out for a few minutes, your monitor will start getting filled in with attractively mottled screensavers. Some people are so much obsessed with screensavers that they download loads of attractive screensavers from the web. Great video screensavers for Windows XP are also available for download. But why download them when you can create one of your own, with custom videos? You can create a video screensaver in various ways.

You can use a video to use as a screensaver directly without creating a screensaver file in executable form. You will need Video Screensaver Maker a great utility for Windows that will let you use any video file as a screensaver for your system. This freeware lets you create free video screensavers without demanding much of your skill. When you first launch the software, just enter a random name for your screensaver and in the next step, add video files that you’d like to play in the screensaver. You can add video formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV and other popular media files. In the next step, you can also add a link to your website and other users will be able to see it when they click Settings. One cool thing about this software is that you can also add your own audio file to be played while your video screensaver plays.

You can also use videos as your screensaver with the Windows XP Creativity Fun Pack PowerToys Video ScreenSaver. The Power Toy can be found as “XP Video Powertoy” in Display Properties>Screen Saver after installing it. After selecting it, click on its settings. This will allow you to select the video and tweak the settings for its playback. You can choose to play the video continuously, select playback size, or mute the audio. Like in Video Screensaver Maker, you can use multiple video files to make your video screensaver here as well.

Another way to create video screensaver is by converting your video to an executable file, i.e. the one that will have videos embedded within it and won’t need a third party application to run the video as screensaver. You’ll need Instant Storm, a utility for actually converting your video to a fully functional free video screensaver. But you’ll need videos in FLV format to convert them to screensavers. But don’t worry, Free Video to Flash Converter utility from DVDSoft will help you do it without a glitch. After converting your video to FLV format, input it into the main dialogue box of Instant Storm to convert it to a screensaver file. It has one limitation though; it won’t let you add multiple video files unlike the other two utilities mentioned above. Screensaver installer interface can be also be edited using a WYSIWYG installation designer. So, you can easily distribute the free video screensaver created by you among your friends or for promoting your website as anyone will be able to install it without hassle.

So next time, don’t look up for screensavers on the internet, instead create a video screensaver with videos from your favorite occasion.

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  • Harry Debernardi

    I really enjoyed this post. I can tell you put in a great deal of effort and time into this post. I will be back to read more as you post more!

  • Martin

    The  Video Screensaver Maker is not properly freeware – it is a trial version. Freeware is… FREE.