Create your personal web history library with Hooeey Webprint

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October 12, 2010

On the internet, we visit our favorite websites or come across many new ones, play games, write emails, publish to blogs and do lots of stuff that differ variously from person to person. Our surfing patterns, the sites we visit etc. also differ on a day to day basis. So, keeping a track of things that we do on the internet is very difficult. Hooey Webprint is a recent startup that helps you recall webpages visited in the past with much ease. It is an approach towards building a library of your Internet history.

Hooey Webprint captures every webpage you visit in real time as a screenshot. It keeps an archive of the pages you visit and you can search through them later as they are stored on your own computer. The archive created by Hooeey webprint doesn’t disappear even if you erase your browser history. Besides you can also choose to create large sized Web Library. You can store, search or even tag the web pages that you’ve visited. You can also share them to Twitter or Facebook.

As the archives are stored on your computer, you can move them to another system whenever you feel like it. You can also choose to store them in the cloud to Google Docs, Zoho, Amazon S3 or  Hooeey Webprint’s server.

You don’t have to do much to use Hooeey Webprint. Just install the software(an Adobe Air application or a browser plugin for IE) available for download on their site and it will start functioning automatically. It will then run in the background and start archiving your web history in real time. It is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Hooeey Webprint has three available packages the standard package, the commercial package called Hooey Webprint Plus and the package for Workgroups called Hooey Webprint Office. The Office version will be ideal for workgroups. You can also have some security controls and view the stats for your archive.

Hooey Webprint will be great for creating web history library and can be beneficial for all sorts of professionals from Reasearchers and College students to Businessmen and Team Workers.

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