Creative Writing Software

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September 5, 2012

It’s not easy being a writer. Writers have to manage their thoughts into sentences, proper paragraphs, and chapters – all the while managing character motives, interesting vocabulary and various settings. It’s complicated and tricky. But there are now programs and sites available to help creative writers manage their characters and plot details.

WriteWay is one example of creative writing software available for writers. This program helps writers who are at all different experience levels – from professionals, to those who write as a hobby. This software was designed by writers and helps them improve their writing by helping them organize books into chapters and create publishing-ready books. Features of the program include storyboarding tools, research folders, image additions, and vocabulary assistance – with tutorials for each. This software has been in existence since 2003 and varies in price (depending on the features you want) from $24-$49. A free demo is available.

WriteItNow is another example of software available to help writers. This program has story board features, a 150,000 word thesaurus, graph and web programs, formatting assistance, and summary features. The program also has a unique ‘links’ feature which allows authors to link characters to events, locations, or ideas. Video tutorials are available on the site and a free demo is available. Users can pay $59.95 for the download version of the program, or $69.95 for a CD with PC and OS X versions.
For those people who are creative with songs and poetry, and not just stories and novels, then Masterwriter might be the best software for them. This software helps people write music, lyrics, poetry, and stories. There are hundreds of features available with this software and a vast search engine that can produce rhyming words, phrases, verbs and adjectives, pop-culture references, word families, and bible passages. Endorsed by Grammy winners, this software is both popular and user-friendly. On a month-by-month basis, the program costs $9.95. For a full year, the software costs $99. The entire program can also be purchased for $199.

In existence since 1991, Storymind has ideas and tools for writers. There are many free features on the site including downloads, classes, writing tips, articles, and a newsletter. The articles contain advice about topics such as dramatic theory, different genres, and story points. Through Storymind, two different programs are available for purchase. Storyweaver costs $29.95 and focuses on plot development. Dramatica costs $149.95 and focuses on story structure. Discounts are available for students.

Writer’s Café was designed by a novelist named Harriet Smart as a tool for fiction writers. The program includes a journal, a notebook, a research organizer, inspirational quotes, writing tips, and writing exercises. A 60 page e-book is included with detailed information and advice. Storylines, a sub-section of the Writer’s Café helps writers develop the structure of their novel or screenplay. A free demo is available and prices for the program cost either $30, $40, or $60 depending on whether you are a student or whether you want the full CD Rom program.

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