Customizing Toolbar and Status bar in Firefox

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April 6, 2009

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers used and loved by many people. Firefox has many options for customizations and plenty of plugins available for all kind of users. The toolbar and the status bar can also be customized. There are buttons the addition of which, can be a boon.

customize firefox toolbar To begin customizing Firefox, first open up the customization window. To do this, simply right click on the Toolbar area and select Customize. In Mozilla Firefox,  you can choose to hide both the navigation and the bookmarks toolbar from this context menu. Just remove the checkmark preceding each item in the context menu to hide it. But the default Firefox keyboard shortcuts for navigation will work even if the navigation toolbar is off. Now lets see what is available under the “Customize” option.

firefox status bar and  toolbar Under the “Customize” option, you’ll find a lot of things for customizing your Firefox toolbar. This allows you to remove certain elements of the toolbar, or replace them with other ones. You can rearrange the elements like “Go Back” or “Go Forward”, Bookmarks, New Tab, New Window etc. Icons for some pre-installed Firefox Addons can also be found in this box for putting them in the Toolbar or status bar.

The only Firefox toolbar that cannot be turned off is the menu bar on the top. One thing that should be kept in mind is that, no item can be dragged to the right of the bookmarks toolbar Items icon, they can be dragged only to the left. You can drag a space or a flexible space too in the toolbar or status bar and they can be added multiple times unlike other icons. For example, once you add a bookmark button to the toolbar, you cannot add it again to the status bar. You can also add a toolbar of your own from the Add New Toolbar button. Just give your toolbar a name and begin dragging and dropping items to it.

So, customize the Toolbar and Status bar in Firefox the way you like.

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  • Hira Sharma

    Hi, I had never tried this out. Think I should give it a try.