Diminished Reality – Remove objects from video on the fly

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October 21, 2010

Lets say You created an introductory video of yourself and later you come to learn that you shot it on the wrong side of the room and the poster on your wall also appeared in the video. What would you do, shoot the video again? Wouldn’t you wish that you could remove just the poster while keeping other things intact? “Diminished Reality” is a software that can delete a selected object from a live full motion video in real time.

Researchers at Technical University of Ilmenau in Germany created “Diminished Reality” which can stunningly remove objects from a video in real time and the results are great. Well it works this way: The software first reduces the resolution of the object and then removes the object from the selected area and then it improves the result and incrementally increases the resolution so as to match the quality of the original. The process is repeated for each frame in the video and the final image is delivered in about 40 ms.

Diminshed Reality can be useful in city planning, interactive film and television, and engineering design. Currently at its initial release, Diminished Reality is available for Windows only. Watch this video showing a demo of Diminished Reality.

Source: Kurzweil

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