Final Cut X: Apple What Were You Thinking?

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September 3, 2012

With plenty of software programs that are created for professionals in the many industries, there are often battles between companies to bring consumers to their side. Of the technology and/or software-based companies, the two that may potentially compete against each other the most are the most obvious two: Apple versus Microsoft.

Final Cut X, Why Apple Why

If someone asked me the difference between an Apple and a PC, I would say that out of the box an Apple computer/Book/Mac is ready to be used and comes stocked with programs for everything from wordprocessing to video editing to photo storing and so much more. With more than ten programs ready to be used right away, the PC can’t compete with programs like its WordPad and Windows Media Player. So, in essence the difference is a Mac is ready to go and a PC needs more programs.

But, this is not true for all programs for a Mac, though. Some programs need to be purchased and downloaded separately. The most used program by a Mac video editor is hands down Final Cut. It’s a tremendous program that incorporates multiple workflows.

The problem is Final Cut 7 was updated about a year ago, and Final Cut X is the worst upgrade that could ever be called a new program…Just sayin’.

Here are a few issues off the top of my video editor’s head:

  • It limits control over how you want to customize, as the new Final Cut X organizes how it wants and does not let you change how you organize your own projects.
  • Can’t print to tape. You can’t export from the program to tape via a deck. Is tape obsolete? Not yet it’s not, so why get rid of the ability to work with it?
  • Visually speaking, the program looks like an upgraded version of iMovie. It’s like “iMovie and Final Cut mated and this is their mut-offspring.”
  • And here’s one of the worst ones: You can’t open any Final Cut older-version document in the new Final Cut. Really? I can’t open Final Cut 7 in Final Cut X? Then why would an editor want to switch over if they can’t access any other projects?

Mind you, these issues are the non-technical pieces that a non-editing person would understand…but there are so many more issues with small things. I am not sure why Apple would take such an important program and create something that most editors do not like and cannot work with.

I guess we can just keep our fingers crossed that Apple upgrades this version for those editors who want to use the latest and greatest but can’t with the program limiting them and their work.

Sigh Apple siiigh.

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