Free On Screen Recording Software

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January 13, 2009

You must have watched video tutorials on Photoshop or any other software. You learn very quick and easy from those videos showing the on-screen activities of your mouse and computer. Have you wondered how that’s done, i.e. how do they record on-screen videos?

Actually there are a number of softwares available for recording on-screen activities. But if you don’t want to spend a penny and still want to have some fun capturing screen videos, CamStudio can be your friend. CamStudio is a free and open source software that lets you record on-screen videos.

record on screen video The download is very small, of about 1.3 MB. The interface looks very simple but the performance is really amazing. It provides a lot of options. You can choose to capture the activities going on, on the whole screen, a fixed portion on the screen setting the parameters prior to recording, or any arbitrary rectangular area.

You can also edit the video options from Options>Video Options . You can adjust the Video Compressor, Frame Rate and Quality of the video. The output of the on-screen video can also be obtained in SWF format. If you want to highlight the cursor in your video or change the cursor icon, you can do it from Cursor Options.

Besides just captuing videos, you can also add audio from Microphone or Speakers. You have a number of options for manipulating Recording Format, Compressing Format etc. If you feel the delay in video and its corresponding audio, you can set a time shift in milliseconds to perfectly sync the audio and video.

One cool thing about CamStudio is the Video and Screen Annotations feature. Besides just recording on-screen activities, you can also add floating rectangular or elliptical areas in beautiful colors hanging around the video and add annotations to them. You can select one from a number of ready-made ones and edit them on the go. These are useful for adding comments or any additional notes in the video. The video annotations feature is available only if you have a webcam.

So CamStudio is overall a great software for recording screen activities. And most of that, it comes for free. So just download CamStudio and begin recording your very own On-Screen Videos like the pros.

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  • Nerdious

    CamStudio is alright if trying to show friends or a VA (virtual assistant) what to do, but IMO you’d be better off getting Camtasia which has more features and better quality.

  • admin

    Camtasia Studio is a way better than CamStudio but the service cannot be enjoyed for free.