Google Chrome extension for Google+ notifications

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July 3, 2011

Google+ is the one of the most anticipated products this year and after its recent release, many lucky ones have already started enjoying. To sign up for Google+, you need an invite from a friend who already has a Google+ account. But if you have already started using Google+, you must be allured with the charms of it. Google+ also has realtime notification system like Facebook. Wouldn’t you love to get Google+ notifications instantly even if you are on another tab on your browser? Well with Surplus, you can have quick Google+ notifications. Surplus is a chrome extension for getting Google+ notifications on your Chrome browser.

Simply go ahead and install Surplus extension for Chrome and you will start getting notifications. Surplus adds a small icon near the address bar of Chrome. Clickin on it will give you a list of Google+ notifications no matter the tab you are currently on. It automatically gets highlighted whenever you receive any new notification on Google+.

You may get some issues while using Surplus but the extension will surely get a facelift in the future. Surplus is a cool extension for Chrome to see Google+ notifications on the fly.

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