Home Inventory Software: The Five Best Programs of 2012

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January 7, 2013

Home inventory software can make the tedious process of documenting your belongings and valuables easier and more efficient. Keeping a comprehensive home inventory is important for claims purposes. With a detailed record, you can make an insurance claim without much hassle. Check out this list of the top five home inventory programs this year.

1. Home Inventory Pro

This is an excellent home inventory software that’s best used for insurance purposes. It lets you manage and easily appraise all of your household belongings. It comes at the top of the list because of its commendable user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality.

With this program, you can make a detailed catalog of your assets, categorize and label every item exhaustively, and add unlimited photos, videos or any file attachments to items in your home inventory database. The software also allows you to scan images and receipts into it.

Home Inventory Pro is priced at $29.95.

2. Home Manage

Home Manage earns the second spot for its notable ease of use and versatile inventory management functionality. It also provides additional features such as flexible reporting, backup capabilities and a setup wizard that facilitates the process of adding items to the inventory.

It’s ideal for insurance purposes as it offers multiple descriptive fields and integrated reporting options. Another great feature is the barcode functionality which lets you instantly access items by simply inputting the unique barcode.

You can purchase Home Manage for $39.95.

3. My ICE Plan

My ICE Plan is a multifaceted home inventory software that offers simplified yet complete home inventory management. Although it lacks a few detailed descriptive fields, it still stands out among other applications for its useful emergency planning section. It offers unique disaster planning tools such as loss list creation, printable emergency cards and autosave.

The software also allows you to attach an unlimited number of images and one video to every item, and an unlimited number of videos to every room or location. It also offers barcode tagging.

My ICE Plan is sold at an affordable price of $10.

4. My Stuff Deluxe

My Stuff Deluxe is an ideal option for beginners and less tech-savvy users mainly because of its intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. It’s a user-friendly application that offers comprehensive inventory management with advanced tools that enable you to keep track of your belongings.

Aside from multiple descriptive fields, the program also provides customization options so you can fully document all of your valuables. You can add attachments like photos and receipts to each inventory item, although there’s no barcode functionality or capability to upload videos.

My Stuff Deluxe is available at $39.99.

5. Collectify

Collectify claims the fifth spot for offering versatile media support. This enables you to upload unlimited photos and some videos and audio clips for each inventory item. Although it lacks the in-depth inventory management present in other applications mentioned previously, it does impressively provide full documentation of items both visually and audibly.

The application is designed to reduce the hassles of compiling a comprehensive inventory list. Overall, it’s a great option for users who seek to document their assets visually.

Collectify is sold at $49.95.

Having a complete accounting of your possessions is made easier with the help of these home inventory programs. You never know when emergencies and disasters may strike, but with an up-to-date home inventory, you can be prepared for the unexpected. If you’re searching for a home insurance agency, HomeInsurance.com helps compare different insurance quotes from the leading U.S. providers.

Travis Dearing is an insurance consultant. He is always looking at ways to get the best deals for his clients and shares his insights on various personal finance and tech blogs.

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