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How Streaming Brings You Moments You May Have Missed

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August 30, 2012

NBC Olympics Live Extra on a Tablet.

With so many important things we want to be able to experience, it wouldn’t make sense to not be able to use technology to do so. Do you have to use technology? Not at all, but there are times where technology can save the day. I feel this happens the most when there is not enough time in the day to get everything done.

Sure there are pieces of technology that make things easier and more convenient, but I think we appreciate the technology that saves us from those moments when we don’t have enough time.


This may be one of the first pieces that brought a whole new world to “there isn’t enough time”. With so many things that consumers want to watch, it’s hard to find time in their extra 3 hours or  a day or five hours a day or whatever time it is to find time to see everything they want to.

Sports fans may even triple the need for this. If there’s a game on at 1pm on a Sunday and you have work, kids, errands or anything else, how much does it ruin your mood if you don’t get to see the game? That’s not to say that you aren’t enjoying your time with your kids or something like that, but just that you can’t do both at once, well, sucks. With that, TiVo/DVRs were able to fix that problem. But that’s only half the battle, or a quarter, or some other measurement.

For me, the most amazing thing that ever happened was when I found out NBC was going to be streaming the Olympics LIVE every day for every event that happened.



We all know that the Olympics come every two years or every four if you only watch the Summer or vice versa for the Winter Olympics. In my family, watching the Olympics is a tradition. We sit and watch Bob Costas every night and watch the highlights and stories and the great sports that we want to watch for hours and hours (4-5 depending on the day, actually).

So, when the Olympics came this year, and I be going to be working all day, I began searching for a way to be able to see the Olympics at work. Whether a TV app for my iPad or otherwise, I wanted something. That’s when I found NBC’s Live Extra app.

This app allowed anyone who already had a television provider (because the user had to sign in) to be able to watch the Olympic events AS THEY HAPPENED LIVE IN LONDON. Sorry for the ALL CAPS, but it was so exciting for me to know that I could watch/listen to Olympics through this video streaming technique every day AND see more than just the Primetime I would go home and watch anyway.

Being able to use my iPad (great piece of technology) and stream the Olympics via the app (another amazing software technology)…I was able to enjoy something that is very very important to me.

In conclusion, is technology a life saver? Yes (literally and figuratively). Does technology bring us conveniences? Yes. Can the “Aw that sucks” be taken out of things we would have otherwise missed? Heck yes.

Go technology!

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