Ensure greater productivity and employee efficiency with desktop monitoring tool

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August 30, 2012

In this age of IT, intellectual property is the most valuable asset for a true business. Such properties include software applications, secret codes, trade secrets or various marketing strategies. The misuse of corporate resources and digital assets may backfire the well-structured plan of organizations to grow up to maximum level. Also, if you are an employer of a company having strength of multiple users, you may sometime wonder about the loss in overall productivity. So, what could be the step to measure employees’ activities around a network or identify the person involved in misusing essential IT resources. Computer surveillance or desktop monitoring in the workplace is an obvious proactive step to overcome such issue.   

According to the survey made by the American Management Association’s (AMA), computer monitoring software has significantly increased productivity from 35% to 80% in the past 4 years. The research also reveals that desktop monitoring of employees in an organization not only increases the overall productivity but also enhances the efficiency of employees. It also strictly ensures that valuable corporate resources are used for business purpose only.

Why monitor employee desktops?

As most data is stored on computer’s hard disk and almost all communications are done on an organization’s network, it’s necessary for an admin to intervene into the activities of the employees to block certain websites, alert IT staffs about potential threats and monitor internet usage.  There are various reasons that support employee desktop monitoring, some of them are:

  • Legal Compliance

Considering regulated industries, monitoring and recording telemarketing activities provides legal protection to both the consumers and the company. Also records of desktop activities in marketing a product may help in finding actual percentage of business the product makes.

  • Performance Review

Monitoring helps in enhancing performance as well as efficiency of the employees as they are being monitored by the senior authority. It is highly beneficial for the organizations dealing with customer care and consumer relations as they can review the calls and take necessary actions to improve productivity by forcing employees to get involved in business works only.

  • Productivity Measures

Employees involved in IT work neither waste their time nor misuse the available resources in non- productive jobs if they are monitored. Net-surfing, personal use of office e-mail, and extravagant internet usage reduces employees’ performance which affects the overall productivity of the organization. Use of desktop monitoring can put an end to all such problems.

  • Security Concerns

Desktop monitoring can save an organization by forbidding an employee from sharing or transferring crucial corporate information. As internet is the easiest medium for today to share information, monitoring can alert the admin about the internet activities and event logs of the computer responsible for disclosing confidential matters.

Computer Monitoring Software – A tool of all trades!

With a technically sound computer monitoring software, organization can keep close observation on the desktop activities of each user within the network. Acting as a surveillance camera, it monitors various computers in a big network and records all desktop activities performed on the computer. It records keystrokes, chat logs, internet activities and other activities to alert admin about the computer involved in non- business work.

Recording employees’ desktop improves efficiency as well as performance of the employees, helps in increasing the productivity of the organization and prevents security breaches to the network. It also creates healthy environment inside the organization by aborting all vulnerable sites. As it keeps regular records of all installed/uninstalled software, it keeps the IT professional aware of the spyware and malware programs. In a word, computer monitoring software is a boon for today’s IT enterprises for its significance in boosting productivity.


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  • Rayz

    Time tracking software has proven its worth especially if
    you have a team you need to closely monitor their work, and I find it
    effective (too) if you are outsourcing jobs to people offshore. One good
    way to
    test a software is to run a trial and assess its functionality. If it
    has all
    the features you need then don’t waste a time and buy it(you might get
    the next
    price increase if you are procrastinating). Perhaps this
    is a stopover for
    those who have already started using a time tracker whose worth isn’t
    enough to
    meet your expectations. Maybe it’s time to review and test out more
    picking what’s right for you.

  • If you want to be able to monitor also their social media activity you can use a tool like Qustodio (http://www.qustodio.com/). This app will also help you block certain websites.

  • BigBro

    What you are proposing is called snooping and it brings down the employees’ morale. People want to be trusted and not spied upon.

    If you engage in it, you and your company can become a topic of yet another Web storm, and for a good reason. Would you like to be?

  • precogtyrant

    You are right, this breaches privacy.
    Certainly not. But its necessary to keep tabs on some. What say?

  • Bert Leen

    I am very thankful to you share this
    mind blowing tricks to enhance productivity and employee efficiency
    with Kernel for desktop monitoring tool. i have read this article
    after then use this tool and its worked great……!