Langover for multilingual work environements

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October 16, 2010

LangoverDo you need to frequently switch between two or more languages while you type? If yes then you must have come across situations when you tried to type in one language and the result appeared in the other. Its because you forgot the change the keyboard layout or say forgot to hold Alt + Shift. If you have to work in a multilingual environment and need to type in alternate languages frequently Langover 5.0 can be your ideal choice. Langover is a freeware that lets you convert your text between different languages with ease.

Langover 5 supports almost all languages. You can use Langover for various purposes like for switching between languages, changing case, reverse a text and more. Langover can save you a lot of time if you by mistake typed a long text in the alternate language. Like for example, if you are working in a multilingual environment and you typed something in your text editor in the wrong language, you can just select the text and press F10 and Langover will bring the text to its original form. You can also use it to change case across all text editors. Select your text and press Shift + F10 and Langover will convert it to UPPERCASE or vice versa.

Langover’s shortcut key F6 can be used to reverse a text. It has two options, you can either reverse a whole sentence or just words.

Langover’s Search shortcut Ctrl+G will do Google search for any keyword that you select. The translation tool is also very handy. Like if you are typing your mail in one language and need to translate it to another,  Just select it and press Ctrl+T and you can have your mail translated via Google Translator.

Langover settingsYou can change the language settings for Langover from the settings panel. You can also change the shortcut keys for translation, reversing text, changing case etc. You need to have .NET installed on your computer for Langover to run.

Langover can be a great choice if you are in a multilingual environment for work and need to switch between different languages while at work.

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