Let visitors comment on sections of your blog with Highlighter

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December 14, 2010

Visitors to any post on your blog may land there for a bunch of different keywords. A visitor could be intrigued by a section on your post and thus write a comment regarding it. But he will have to scroll all the way down to the comment section and type the comment referring to the particular section on your article. Highlighter is a WordPress plugin that enables your visitors to highlight any section of your blog post and add comment to it.

Highlighter wordpress plugin highlight phrases and commentHighlighter can increase the user interaction on your WordPress blog. Your visitors can engage in discussions regarding a particular section of your article, sentences or images by highlighting and adding comments to it. You can also share over Facebook or Twitter on the fly using Highlighter. The section to which people have already commented before get underlined and you can comment on that without highlighting again. People can start conversations over such sections by clicking and writing their comments.

Highlighter WordPress plugin also works for the images inserted into the post. Hover over any image and the same set of sharing buttons will appear from which you can add comment to the image or share it over Facebook or Twitter.

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