Magento One Page Checkout – Hassle Free Shopping

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October 28, 2012

If there is one word that comes to mind when one is describing the ecommerce software solutions called Magento, then that word is ‘comprehensive’.  There is an almost staggering array of features and capabilities that this software solution provides to developers and that is one reason why it is extremely popular as far ecommerce solutions go. For a business that depends on ecommerce for success in the marketplace, Magento delivers plenty of features that can be customized immensely. The affordability of the solution also makes it an extremely popular choice with small and medium businesses. Perhaps the biggest reason why business owners love Magento is the fact that it gives complete control to them.Based on an open source technology, Magento gives the business owner capabilities and advantages such as

  • Flexibility
  • Customization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Order management
  • Multiple site management and many more

One of the strongest features of this software is the shopping cart feature which can be seen with the one page checkout feature. The marketplace also has plenty of Magento extensions that help the business in creating and sustaining a website that promotes his business in the cyber world. One such extension that augments the magento one page checkout is the GoMage LightCheckout.

The GoMage LightCheckout comes in the Enterprise, Professional and Community Editions and makes it extremely easy for customers to enjoy a website’s simple, swift and efficient experience. Online sales, therefore get a huge boost when features such as gift wrapping for individual items, ability to change products on the checkout page and automatic detection of the user’s location are available. With the use of this extension, the ecommerce company can also

  • Enable discount coupons on the checkout page
  • Enable a poll on the checkout page and
  • Enable or disable the shopping cart among many other features.

The GoMage LightCheckout also helps in automatic updating to aspects like prices, payment methods and shipping rates.

One of the most important reasons why Magento is such a popular choice in the developer community is the fact that it is the only software solution which allows live conversion of currency. This is very useful for the markets of an ecommerce company lie all over the globe! This software also delivers expert SEO or search engine optimization capabilities. In the crowded cyber world, SEO results are one area which will help a company boost revenues and build a huge brand in the world. The SEO capability is inbuilt into the Magento platform and can be used according to the business owner’s requirements.

One of the important things to do, for a business owner, is to find one or a team of Magento developers who are well versed in this particular platform and can create the best configuration for the website in question. Magento is slightly different from other ecommerce platforms in its structure and finding a Magento expert will make the difference in creating a website that is rich in user experience and in making it easy for the business owner to manage as well. The business owner also has a choice of outsourcing the Magento experts depending on cost efficiencies.

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  • Magento delivers prosperity of features that can be modified greatly this software solution provided to developers and it is extremely popular as far ecommerce solutions.