Morphing Images with Sqirlz Morph

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October 23, 2008

Sqirlz morph lets you morph two or more images seamlessly if you master the skill for doing it. A couple of months ago, I had come across a website which offered a simple fun game asking to recognize the celebrities whose faces were morphed into one. Back then I had thought that they morphed those faces using Photoshop. When I came to know about morphing software called Sqirlz Morph, I understood how they do it. You can morph any two images with Squirlz Morph without no any photoshopping.

Sqirlz morph is a  multi-image morphing software. It allows you to morph two or more images or videos together. You can morph any number of images in any sequence you like. This is a widely used technique in film industry.

You first need to mark the corresponding features on both images. The characteristics of one images blends with that of the other. But to get better results, you should adjust the sizes of both images so that they become nearly equal to each other. Trying to morph a square image with a very rectangular shaped narrow image can give absurd results. Well Sqirlz morph itself provides an option to equalize the images sizes.

Morphed results can be saved as animations or also as still images. The speed of the animation can also be controlled. The animation can be saved in video formats like SWF or AVI format and the image can be saved in JPEG format.

Here is a masterpiece made with sqirlz morph.

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