Mozilla Thunderbird beta version 5.0b released

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June 5, 2011

Popular email client Mozilla Thunderbird’s latest version, Thunderbird V5.0b has been released. Thunderbird Beta FAQ says that Thunderbird 4 was skipped because the program’s version is very closely dependent on the underlying Gecko Engine.You can download Thunderbird version 5.0b from their download section. This version has a lot of new features and changes from the earlier version. You can now have a new Addons Manager that helps manage the extensions in an even better way. The tabs on Mozilla Thunderbird can now be recorded and dragged to another window very easily. If you need to attach files frequently with your emails, you can have the benefit of viewing the attachment sizes next to the attachments. This version is also supported by Mac 32/64 bit Universal builds but PowerPC on Mac will no longer be supported.

While installing Thunderbird v5.0b on Linux, the earlier version may get overwritten. But on Windows and Mac, Thunderbird beta gets installed in a different location.

Mozilla Thunderbird plugins can now be used with RSS feeds by default. The account creation wizard is a charm making the account creation much easier. Many bugs and other known issues have also been fixed in this new release of Mozilla Thunderbird version 5.0b.

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