Now body organs can send updates to your cellphone

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October 8, 2010

Have you seen cardiac patients and how they have a tendency to to awry? There are micro devices that are installed into the body of heart patients for giving them immediate remedy in certain conditions. Scientists have now devised a great technique for better monitoring of heart by giving a unique IP address to the hearts of patients.

IMEC, a Dutch research Organization based in Eindhoven has recently demonstrated a new type of body area network(BAN). They call it the Human++BAN platform. The system converts IMEC’s ultra low power electrocardiogram sensors into wireless nodes within a very short ranged network. This is done to transmit physiological data to a central hub, which can be a patient’s cellphone. Then, the doctors can have the data from the patient’s cellphones via a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. The devices can also be programmed to sound an alarm or display a call on the phone when things are getting worse.

Although this technology by IMEC is not the first BAN, it integrates with the body better its predecessors. It is compatible with many popular gadgets that people carry around with them. A dongle that plugs into the SD memory card of a cellphone is used to stream real-time data from the sensors and reconfigure the sampling frequency of the sensors in a snap. The mobile software runs specifically on Google Android OS powered cellphones; might run on almost all high end android phones.

(Source: New Scientist)

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