Opera 12 released with amazing technologies

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July 28, 2012

World is moving fast and to keep pace with it we need to work with ultra fast devices. Thanks to technologies that have helped us do so. Keeping speed factor in mind developers of Opera web browser have developed a new version of Opera browser called the Opera 12. It’s not just the browsing speed but several other amazing features designed in it that makes it stand out from the rest. The following article highlights some of these new features built in this new web browser. Read through the following lines and forget not to share your comments below.

Opera 12

 Theme setting in Opera 12

Introduction to Opera 12

Opera 12, an extended version of Opera web browser was released on 14th of June 2012 for three operating systems- Mac, Windows and Linux and is ready for download. However, it is hoped that with the considerable number of versions released so far, this particular one is expected to excel in the market. Speed in Opera 12 has been increased by removing few features like Unite, Widgets and Voice. These features were not used often and at the same time not the favourite.

It is understood that the performance of Opera 12 is being enhanced with the graphics processor to give away better animations. Though the software acceleration is good, the hardware acceleration must be made better to work along with the software part. This new version supports HTML5 and also local hardware such as webcams, which can be easily accessed by websites. Also the location bar security badges are redesigned here. Separate processes for plug-ins like QuickTime and Flash have been included so as to enable one of the plug-in to start functioning as soon as the other one crashes. This has been powered by JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS created by themes and extensions.


Although so many changes have been made to Opera 12, nothing much can be highlighted when compared to its healthy competitors like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

What’s new in Opera 12?

Opera 12 is built with few new features that make it unique when compared to the rest. Let’s look in to some of these below.

Lighting speed

  • The browsing speed of Opera 12 has been made faster with the Carakan Java Script engine. The engine has been improved to make this browser the fastest when compared to other operating systems.
  • With the latest web technology, users can do even more with interactive apps and multi-player games.
  • Opera’s Vega graphics enables users to load images and pages quickly.
  • It is also easy to share your location using Google Maps with your privacy being the top priority


Personalise: Customise your browser as you like by adding colourful schemes. You can also create your own design. On the browser’s address field press on the star function to bookmark your favourite pages. You can even customise your mouse gestures and keyboard short cuts with this feature.

Photo: Opera 12 allows you to take a photo of yourself with the webcam in your computer. You can instantly update your profile photo as and when you like; but only with the latest Opera 12.

Complete security

  • Comes with minute to minute information about viruses, exploits and phishing scams from security agencies
  • Checks for threat whenever the user goes online and also supports Extended Validation certificates (EV)
  • Private tab or window allows the user to safeguard his privacy as the browsing history is not stored
  • Characteristic feature of websites is easily visible from the coloured badge that comes just before the name of the website
  • Users can have control on the website cookies easily
  • Get automatic updates or receive intimation about each update whenever one is available

Smart features

Opera 12 is built with smart features that make it stand one step ahead of other browsers and these are:

  • Tab stacking: This feature is useful when you are working with number of tabs and when you want to manage them better. It’s easy to create group of tabs just by dragging it one over the other. Any number of tabs can be added to the stack and to open a stack, you are required to just hover the mouse on the top of the tab to review what it contains. You can also open all the tabs in a stack by just clicking on the ‘Expand’ button and then put back all the tabs in to the stack by clicking on the ‘Collapse’ button. You can also place tabs in different positions.
  • Mouse gestures: This feature gives visual guidance that tells how you must perform besides performing some browser action with the flick action of the mouse. Users can hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse on the web page. You can enable or disable this option as you like. Different gestures that you can perform are Navigation gestures, Link gestures and Wheel gestures.
  • Extensions: Opera’s functionality is improved with extensions. You can translate languages automatically, download videos and do much, much more.
  • Opera Turbo: With this feature, you can increase the browsing speed on mobile phones, dial-up connections and Wi-Fi hotspots. With Opera Turbo ON, you can get faster download speed when compared to other browsers.
  • Speed dial: This feature gives you an overview of websites and also allows you to open web pages with just one click. Your favourite sites can be added to speed dial or also make choice with suggestions. New functionalities like updated weather forecast, clock and sports news can be added. You can thus customise the speed dial the way you want it to be.
  • Opera Link: With Opera Link it is easy for users to synchronise bookmarks, Speed dials, passwords and other useful data across all your devices. For this, all you have to do is create an user account. You can select those websites that have to be synchronised and hence an Opera Link is enabled. This feature is useful when you work on another computer. All your bookmarks and Speed dials that were created are available as soon as you activate the Opera Link. The same can be done on phone and tablet as well. You can thus work with the same browser settings wherever you are.
  • Password manager: This feature saves the password for the first time and thereafter you can login in just by entering CTRL + ENTER. With Opera Link, you can also synchronise it securely.
  • Zoom: This feature allows the user to zoom out or magnify web pages to fit well on the screen. Images can be toggled off for better readability and also to load pages faster.

Speed dial feature in Opera 12


Highlight features

  • Search: Opera 12 is built with advanced Search functionality that allows users to get suggestions as they type in the address field. You can use your own choice of search engines for the search operation and they can search from the address field, context menu or the search field. Your search can also be refined by the use of “Find in page” functionality. With this feature you can fine tune your search to match the word, text, page or links.
  • Tabs: As already discussed tabs can be stacked and at the same time be pinned by right-clicking on it to prevent it from closing accidentally. Pinned tabs remain on the left to distinguish it from others. A small thumbnail of each website can be stored. Also, a set of tabs can be stored and retrieved back whenever you need.
  • Productivity: File gets downloaded as soon as the user clicks on the file to save it. The progress of downloads, the pause and resume can be tracked from the Download tab. It is also simple to subscribe to Newsfeeds with the Opera Mail. The Spell checker checks for the spellings as you type and corrections can be done by right clicking on it. Unnecessary distractions like pop-ups, images and plug-ins can be blocked with this browser with the ‘Block content’ feature. Bookmarks can be named and grouped so that it is easily manageable. Plug-ins can be loaded only when required thus helping users to speed up browsing.
  • Debugging: The debugging functionality called the Opera Dragonfly is an integrated tool for debugging. Dev Opera functionality helps you to be in touch with the latest web technology allowing you to explore articles and discussions related to web.

Yet again, great work by our developers. With so many new and improved features packed in Opera 12, we can except for more in the near future too. So, let’s keep browsing with lightning speed with Opera 12 till then. Good Luck!

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