Monitor activities happening on your PC with PC Pandora

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December 29, 2008

Is your PC used by people other than you off and on? Do you want to know what they do on the computer? Or know the interests of your kids and their favorite websites that make them stick to the computer for hours together?

PC Pandora comes in handy if you want to regularly monitor the activities going on in your computer. It is actually a spy with its hideout in the hard disk that keeps monitoring your computer every time. You can know things like, secret email accounts, secret dating profiles, chat rooms conversations etc. of those using your computer. Not only this, you can also use Pandora for recording snapshots of websites visited and playing them later on as videos or for seeing the instant messages sent and received while chatting in IM software like Windows Live Messenger. Every activity is monitored by PC Pandora every minute.

Pandora can be used to record secret passwords using it as a keylogger. Pandora also offers other functionalities like recording the keystrokes and blocking unwanted sites. It can be used in home or also in office. You can use Pandora to monitor the  activities of your children on the computer. Kids are vulnerable to the dangers of online predators these days. So you can have a control over them with PC Pandora. Or if you work in a office, you can record all of your activities so that you can keep a track of them.

Until January 1st(or until 50,000 copies are given away), you can receive a free copy of the software free using the promotional key PCPANDORAHOLIDAY. Anyway PC Pandora is a great software for monitoring the activities happening on your computer.

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