Picasa now available for Mac also

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January 6, 2009

Google’s photo sharing and management system namely Picasa is widely popular among those who love photo sharing. Picasa software integrated with Picasa Web Albums helps you manage, organize, edit and find your photos very easily.

You can download the high resolution photos shared by your loved ones over Picasa with just a few mouse clicks. Picasa has another cool feature; it can sync the changes in photos being shared between your computer and the Picasa Web Albums. Moreover easy notifications and privacy control in Picasa are also very useful.

picasa for mac Till now the desktop application Picasa used for uploading photos to Picasa Web Albums was only available for Windows XP, Vista and Linux. Mac users were relying upon a standalone Picasa Web Albums uploader and iPhoto album plugin for uploading photos to their Web Albums. But with the release of Picasa for Mac, millions of people using Picasa Web Albums around the globe will be benefitted.

Picasa for Mac is much similar to the one available for Windows. All the features available in Windows version like cropping, correcting color balance and exposures, making collages etc. are available in the Mac version as well. Features like automatically detecting new bunch of photos added anywhere on your hard drive and then automatically accounting for the new images you add are also available.

The professionals at Google say that they have tried to make this version of Picasa for Mac to adjust healthily with iPhoto so that the iPhoto library will never be affected by Picasa. Right now this is being released as a beta product from the Google Labs. So some features like geotagging and third party printing will still not be available in this version. To use Picasa for Mac, you’ll need Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

So, the Mac users out there, get ready to roll on with Picasa for Mac. Check out the video below.

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