Control and execute various tasks on your PC

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April 2, 2009

I assume that your PC remains on most of the time. Sometimes you stick around your PC while sometimes you are out for a lunch or something else. If you want your computer to do things specified by you even when you are away, like shut down the computer, hibernate etc, Marxio Timer will help you.

This tool provides you with a lot of options for tweaking your tasks. You can schedule and control lot of your tasks like turn off PC, restart, lock screen, display text, run selected application etc in whatever time you like specified by n minutes. This can serve as shutdown timer as well.  It can also save user profiles and create shortcut for a particular task. After you schedule a task, you will be shown the countdown timer showing the time remaining for the task to execute. When the countdown completes, Marxio Timer will automatically execute your task. But when the countdown is being shown, you can break the task by clicking on the break button.

You can select the tasks to be executed that are pre-selected or add additional ones using the “Run Program” option. While a task is being scheduled, you can schedule other tasks as well at the same time. It can run multiple task at a time. One cool feature about this program is that it can also capture screenshot or desired area on the screen in scheduled time. Isn’t that cool?

Anyway, Marxio Timer is a powerful application for scheduling tasks of almost any kind from shutting down your computer to running an application.

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