Sendpulse review – The AI powered email marketing tool

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March 29, 2017

There is no dearth of email marketing software and tools but finding the right tool can be tricky. You may like a particular feature from a tool and hate one of its other features. Plus, besides the features alone, one of the most important thing to consider while selecting your email marketing software is the delivery rate and open rates. Among the trusted names like mailchimp, getresopnse etc. a fairly recent entrant in the email marketing software space is Sendpulse. Sendpulse uses an AI platform that automatically maximize, email open rates, delivery rates as well as handles automatic segmentation and personalization of your list and the like.

You can get started with Sendpulse for free. Signing up for a free account will allow you to take a test drive of all the important features of this tool. After signing up, you can start with the primary things like creating a list, importing subscribers, creating a campaign and so on.


Importing to Sendpulse

You can easily import all your subscribers to Sendpulse from any other email marketing software. You can either upload a file or just paste the contact list into the importer tool and it will take care of the rest.

Creating and sending a campaign

Launching an email marketing campaign is pretty straightforward with Sendpulse. You can create a regular campaign, set up automated emails or launch an A/B test campaign with ease. If you are familiar with sending campaigns via mailchimp, sending a campaign via Sendpulse should be a walk in the park because it is even simpler to use than Mailchimp.

Push notifications and SMS

2sendpulseBesides email marketing campaigns, Sendpulse also supports sending push notifications and bulk SMS. The good news is that Push notifications are offered for free by Sendpulse, but the notifications contain their label. If you want to remove this from the notifications, you will need to upgrade your plan. If you want to send promotional content to your visitors, this feature can come in really handy. Once a visitor allows their browser to accept push notifications from your site, you will be able to send them such notifications from time to time via Sendpulse.

3sendpulseThe free version of Sendpulse allows you to send 10 bulk sms to any numbers of your choosing. You can either schedule the SMSs or just send them immediately. No other email marketing software comes with inbuilt free push notification and bulk SMS service.

Sendpulse AI

Sendpulse uses machine learning to imporove delivery and open rates, automatically segment your subscribers and more. The AI will start working a few weeks after you start using sendpulse actively because it needs to assess user preference and behavior.

SMTP service

Sendpulse also offers an SMTP service which will allow you to use their system to send emails on behalf of your site. This will ensure better delivery rates esp for automated emails going out through your website.

Besides the above, Sendpulse also offers the largest free quota in its SMTP pricing plans. All in all, if you are looking for a one stop solution that offers a great email marketing, bulk SMSs as well as push notification solution, Sendpulse can be a great choice.

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    Hello, I read your whole article and its nice. In these days everyone wants to be part of the online marketing and email marketing is important part of this. After read this article now i can use it.