Some google talk tips and tricks

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October 13, 2008

Google_Talk_(logo) The Messenger service from Google, called the Google talk is known to most of us. Though the interface is very simple, or a bit unattractive as compared to the elegant looks of its counterparts like Yahoo or MSN Messenger, some of its features are really sturdy. Like it supports 37267 characters long instant message which is hardly supported by any other IM client, has a high quality VoIP and much more. And it doesn’t annoy you with ads.

Here are some cool Google Talk tricks that might add flavor to your chatting experience with google talk.

To write text in bold, insert it between two asterisks (*yourtext*).

To write text in italics, put it between underscores like this- _yourtext_.

Google doesn’t have built in smileys or emoticons that can be inserted by selecting from a list, but some of the simple text-type smileys are recognized by Google talk and it highlights them automatically in blue. These are:

😐  :-O  😡  😛  😀  😉  🙁  😐  :O  😡  😛  😀  🙂  🙁  ;-|  ;-O  ;-x  ;-P  ;-D  😉  ;-(  ;|  ;O  ;x  ;P  ;D  😉  ;( B-|  B-O B-x B-P B-D B-) B-( B'( BO Bx BD B) B( B)
Among these some of the emoticons are animated automatically which are: 😐 :=P 😀 ;-):-( 😛 😀 🙂 🙁 😉 😉 B-).

You can change the font size as well with this Google Talk trick. Hold Ctrl key and then scroll up or down to increase or decrease the font size respectively.

You can add line breaks or paragraph breaks by hitting Shift+Enter after a line.

You can centre justify, left justify and right justify your text with the keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+J, Ctrl+L, Ctrl+R respectively.

Drag and drop a chat window over another to dock them. You can dock multiple windows into a single one.

Cycling through the chat windows is easy. Press tab ( to cycle forward) or Shift+tab ( to cycle backward).

To start a file transfer, you can directly drag and drop the file into the chat window.

You can close a message notification window by right clicking it without seeing. And you don’t need to deny friend requests, you can ignore them and they will go away.

Besides these useful Google Talk tricks, here are some of the useful keyboard shortcuts that save big time.

  • F9: Open Gmail to send an email to your friend
  • F11: Start a call with your friend
  • F12: Stop the call
  • ESC: Close the current window
  • ALT + ESC: Minimize the current window
  • TAB: Switch between multiple chat windows
  • CTRL + I: Same as TAB
  • SHIFT + TAB: Same as TAB but in reverse order
  • CTRL + TAB: Same as SHIFT + TAB
  • Windows + ESC: Open Google Talk (if it’s in the tray or minimized)You can use multiple instances of Google Talk as well with this Google talk trick. Go to Run command and enter the following: “G:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex
  • Conference Call with Google Talk: Conference call is possible with Google Talk by using this simple trick. Two instance of Google Talk should be opened in all computers, one normally and the other with /nomutex at the end. (“G:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex). Then if there are three users, User 1 should connect with first instance of User 2 and User 2 should connect with his second instance to User 3. Then User 3 should connect with his second instance with the second instance of User 1. So, all users get connected to each other.

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