Specifying multiple home pages in Firefox

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May 11, 2009

Normally you set the page that you visit most often as your homepage. In many cases, it could be search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. or web aggregators like iGoogle. But there can be a couple of sites that you visit everyday and you open them up by clicking through your bookmarks in your browser’s toolbar. However, if you forget to click on the bookmarks, you might sometimes miss a very interesting article or news or would have to search for it relentlessly. Well you can have multiple home pages in Firefox as well. All of them open up in separate tabs and not in separate windows that makes it more easier for you.
To specify multiple home pages in Firefox, open up any three or four of your favorite websites on separate tabs. Now go to Tools>Options. In the “Main” tab, under the Home Page field,  “Use Current Page” button now gets changed to “Use Current Pages” button. You’ll see each of the opened sites separated by a pipe character “|”. Well you don’t need to open up each webpage in separate tabs to set them as home pages. You can manually enter the addresses in the “Home Page” field separated by “|” and they will be added to your home page list.

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Well there is another way of having multiple home pages in Firefox as well. Just bookmark the sites that you want as your home pages inside a bookmark folder. To create a bookmark folder, just right click on the Bookmark Menu Dropdown and select “New Folder”. Give it any name like “my home pages” and go to Bookmarks>Organize Bookmarks. Now simply drag and drop the pages that you want as your home pages in the box that opens up. Or you can also directly drag it to the bookmark folder under the bookmark menu. Now go to Options>Main. Click on “Use Bookmark” button. Now browse and select your “my home pages” folder. The web pages added to the “my home pages” folder get loaded in the “Home Page” field. Now click the “Use Current Pages” button and you’re done.
So, add multiple home pages to Firefox and don’t miss out anything on your favorite sites.

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