Reliable testing with Automation Testing Tools

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June 9, 2012

Since everything else in this world is getting automated and brilliant with time and is same with software testing? The invention of powerful software automation testing tools is answer to the need of getting the most in the minimum of time.

Every organization that produces and delivers a product tests its for its functionality yet somehow loop holes are left and the end products often seem to have bugs in them. Software test engineers may employee the best manual testing techniques to destroy these bugs before launching the product but they somehow seem to know their way back in. Automation testing is therefore the most convenient means of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing.

While manual tests are performed by human beings, they are subject to human error by their very nature. On the other hand automated tests are a set of recorded procedures and steps that run by their selves, compare pre and post conditions and identify bugs. It compares what is expected to what actually happens. Once an automated test has been created it can be repeated billions of times and can be used to perform the magnitude of tasks that are either too tiresome or in cases impossible for a human to handle.

Automated testing tools provide reliable testing to companies by providing the following benefits;

It saves resources: During and after development of software, a test has to run to check the application several times. Every time the source code of the application is changed, a test has to be run for all the supporting devices and for all the supporting operating systems. It can be a tedious and time taking task. Automation testing tools save our time, money and effort.

They are Accurate: Since they are free to the human error and they cannot fail to catch a bug, unless of course they themselves have bugs.

They make life easy : for developers as well as testers. If developers and testers are sharing an automation testing tool, bugs can be readily identified and forwarded to the QA team and be fixed in time.

The help in increasing time to market: Since automation tests are more efficient than manual tests, they can get more done in less time and therefore increase the developer’s time to market.

They help companies gain competitive advantage: All the benefits mentioned above work together in providing a tough-to-beat competitive advantage to the company, all thanks to automation testing tools. If you are looking for automation testing services, you can Google software testing company to find the reliable one for you.

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