Tips to Avoid Outlook PST File Corruption

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June 4, 2012

Since PST or Personal Storage Table files store all your Outlook objects including emails, contacts, tasks, journals, etc thus you can consider them as backup of our Outlook mailbox. Despite the usability of PST files, they are prone to get corrupt that causes Outlook data loss. However, with the help of an efficient third-party Outlook PST recovery software, you can easily recover your corrupt PST files and if you want to know the tips to avoid further corruptions then too need not to panic! As after reading this post you will understand some really useful tips by which you can avoid PST corruption.Tips to Avoid PST File Corruption:

  • Avoid Making Larger PST Files: Though MS Outlook 2003 to 2007 supports 20GB PST file size and Outlook 2010 supports 50GB, but still issues are observed with PST files which have size larger than 10GB. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid making PST files having size more than 10GB, even though you are using any aforementioned Outlook versions.
  • Avoid Your Old PST to Approach 2GB: If you are using older version of Outlook that is Outlook 2002 or earlier then never let your PST file approach to 2GB. Try to maintain the size of your older PST file less than 1.5GB.
  • Avoid Operating Large Number of Emails at a Time: Using some Outlook operation on large number of Outlook emails together, deadlocks your Outlook. When Outlook dead locks then you have to close it abruptly. Abrupt closing of Outlook leads to Outlook PST corruption and causes data loss. So avoid performing any Outlook operation on large number of emails.
  •  Never Shut-Down Your Outlook When It is Running: Shutting down Outlook abruptly while some operation is being running on it, corrupts Outlook PST file. Avoid this situation and close your Outlook decently after completion of all running tasks.
  • Never Save Your PST File on Any Server or Network Drive: Since PST files are designed to be stored on your local system thus saving them to another drive like network drive or server can corrupt them. Therefore, recommended to not to save your PST files on any such drive except your local machine.
  • Maintain Regular Backup of Your PST File: Backing up precious data is always recommended as it is the best way to salvage data loss. Therefore, it is recommended to take regular backups of your Outlook PST file(s).

However, if your PST file is corrupt due to any reason then opting for reliable third-party PST recovery tool is advisable. One of the awards winning and efficient tool for recovering corrupt or inaccessible PST files without causing data loss is Stellar Phoenix PST Recovery Software. The software enables selective recovery of Outlook folders and is compatible with almost all versions of MS Outlook.

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