Type quicker and smarter on your Windows computer

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September 7, 2011

Who doesn’t want to save time in typing text? If you are a person who regularly deals with word processing applications like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice etc. you would wish that some of your words and sentences got autocompleted on the fly. A quick and easy solution for typing faster is Phrase Express. Phrase Express is a free utility that lets you organize your frequently used text snippets and helps you type faster.

Download this autotext clipboard software from the website and install it. Phrase Express is now ready to function. Phrase Express basically lets you quickly reuse the phrases that you include repetitively in your text. Thus you have to type less and therefore it can potentially prevent a lot of typos. You can store new phrases by either from the Phrase Express icon at the taskbar or using the hotkey. Take the phrase “How are you doing?” for example. You can add it to the phrase list by simply pressing the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+C or selecting Create New Phrase from the Phrase Express icon on Windows Taskbar. You can also add additional details for the phrase like a hotkey for pasting the phrase, save the phrase with its formatting or as plain text and more.

Phrase Express has another very useful feature: the text prediction feature. This feature automatically predicts the phrase you are typing and helps you enter it through dropdown auto complete menus. You can adjust the settings for text prediction so that Phrase Express recognizes words or full sentences that you are typing in.

Phrase Express has scores of other useful features that make your typing faster and much easier. If you frequently use Word Processing applications, Phrase Express can be of help.

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