Ubuntu reacting to changes in physical environment

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September 20, 2010

Keyboard and mouse have been the basic tools for controlling a computer since long. Although the dawn of the touchscreen devices has lowered their usage a bit, they still reign over. These days, many ways of input into a system have been devised with the hardware sensors. Now how about controlling a system without any of the popular input devices? Cannonical has been working on a technology that can enable Ubuntu users to control a system via their body movements and Face recognition technology. Face recognition technology has already been used in many applications and software.

This technology will take inputs from users via their body movements, and their presence or absence. So, automatically changing to full-screen mode when a user leans back and showing notifications in large when a user is away could be possible. Here’s a video giving a brief insight on this technology.

Source: Cannonical Design

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  • Very much impressive step 🙂 awaiting more interesting solutions from ubuntu community in near future. Cheers.

  • The algorithm for Reacting to physical environments will be a giant leap and is sure to be applied on other devices and platforms as well.