Wordperss plugins for adding Konami code easter eggs to your blog

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October 29, 2010

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This is the famous Konami code that appeared in the Konami video games and was later added to other games as well. Many popular websites have been added interesting easter eggs that are triggered by the Konami code. Facebook had also implemented a Konami code triggered Lens Flare effect on their site but now they have removed it. Well you can also create custom easter eggs for your Wordperss blog and have them triggered upon entering the Konami code.If you are fairly good at programming, you can implement the Konami code Easter egg on your blog directly with the Konami-JS on Google Code. If you want things to be easy, there are a handful of WordPress plugins which let you add and create Konami code eas ter eggs. Here are some WordPress plugins for inserting Konami code to your blog.

Customizable Konami Code: This simple plugin inserts the Konami code to your WordPress blog. You can customize the Message and the effect too. The settings page for the plugin is in Portuguese but the author promises to add English language support very soon. However you can use it by translating the options from Google translator. You can also add custom code instead of the Konami code.

Konami Easter Egg: This plugin easily lets you add a mysteriously hidden easter egg to your WordPress blog and also create a custom password for it, if you choose to use a code other than the Konami code. The Konami Easter Egg plugin lets you add a Youtube video to your blog with a message that is only displayed upon entering the secret code or the Konami code correctly. You can also customize the CSS of the page and throw a new layout to your visitor, once he/she enters the secret code.

WP-Konami: It is a very simple plugin that simply adds a hook that listens to the user input for the Konami code. It just redirects a visitor to a custom URL upon entering the Konami code correctly.

WP-Cornify: This plugin adds the Konami code to your WordPress blog and shows Easter eggs such as the Cornify when a visitor enters the Konami code. One great feature of this plugin is that any additional key stroke after the Konami code can trigger additional objects or other related changes, depending on the type of your easter egg that you can define in the WP- Cornify Plugin Settings. Cornify, Ninjafy, Sharkify etc. are some of the Easter egg types. Or you can also show them all in a random manner.

So, why not add Easter eggs to your WordPress blog with these plugins?

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