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Now is the time to experiment with PPC advertising

SEO isn’t dead, but it’t not as powerful as it used to be. Five years ago a site with good on-page SEO and quality backlinks would rank well in relevant search queries. But a few changes, both from Google and from users, have changed the playing field. Now might be the perfect time to try something new in your attempt to attract readers via search. It might be time to try a pay-per-click advertising approach.

Why Google Demoted Chrome by applying Solid Penalty Against its browser

This can be surprising but this eye-popping news is true to the core! As reported by Search Engine Land, Google was caught with its Chrome’s video ad campaign. As a result, Google demoted chrome by applying a solid penalty against its browser. No one believed that Google could do one such thing but if the analysts are to be believed, this action by Google has generated a lot of respect for itself.

Facebook’s Video Chat: Not Really Too Awesome

At a recent media event, Facebook unveiled its in-browser video chat solution for its social networking powerhouse. The online social media titan heralded this as an “awesome” feature, and backed up its claim by showing integration with Skype as well as a new design for the site’s existing Facebook Chat application.