Why Google Demoted Chrome by applying Solid Penalty Against its browser

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January 21, 2012

This can be surprising but this eye-popping news is true to the core! As reported by Search Engine Land, Google was caught with its Chrome’s video ad campaign. As a result, Google demoted chrome by applying a solid penalty against its browser. No one believed that Google could do one such thing but if the analysts are to be believed, this action by Google has generated a lot of respect for itself.Google the marketer was found out to be one trying to purchase paid reviews of Google Chrome. In the meanwhile, original Google discovered about the move resulting to which, an action was taken to demote Chrome. It was done so that it demotes from the search pages and this has rather reminded people how strictly quality guidelines need to be followed and an action that violates Google’s guidelines against sponsored or paid links will not be encouraged.

It’s challenging to see Google the original dictator coming up face-to-face with Google the marketer. However, Google the dictator has not made this move – instead the fake Google marketer that was paid to promote Google chrome video ad with no link back to the chrome page resulted into this action being taken up. The marketer was buying illegal links and in the process, it brought some links from a website that mistakenly linked back to the page.

Matt Cutts informed that Google tried to buy video ads about chrome. More than two dozen sponsored posts that did not link back to Google chrome actually showed Google chrome video. After verifying for more than once, it was found out that video players are not flowing PageRank to Google. However, there was one sponsored post that linked back to the Google chrome page and it further encouraged the flowing of PageRank. Purpose of the campaign may be to get people to watching videos and not follow a link back to Google and even though a single sponsored post linked back to Chrome page by passing the PageRank, it still stands to be the violation of Google’s quality guidelines.

Webspam team has manually taken action and demoted Chrome for 60 days. In the meanwhile, the PageRank of Chrome page will be lowered to convey that outgoing links from that page won’t be trusted too. Google has been successful in building more authority by this action. However, the critics believe that Google has taken this action after the negative responses from SEOs and small business owners.

Ever since Google applied a penalty, searches made for “browser” are no longer bringing up the Google chrome home page. Chrome page was ranking for searches such as “chrome”, “Google chrome” and “browser” even when the statement was initially received. The chrome page may continue to rank for these searches and the critics have admitted that if the penalty does not result into its ranking reduction then it can’t be treated as a penalty at all. Google strives to enforce guidelines consistency so that better results can be provided for the users.

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