Get Microsoft Support via Twitter in English, French, German, and other languages

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November 29, 2010

Despite being the most popular operating system in the world, there are a lot of issues with Windows. Things keep getting screwed up from time to time on Microsoft’s Operating System. Well you can rely on Microsoft Help to get quick solutions of your problems via Twitter.

You can get advices for fixing your problem via Microsoft Helps on Twitter. Just follow  @MicrosoftHelps and ask your question by using @ mention. You can ask questions regarding any Microsoft product. You’ll get an answer from Microsoft Helps via Twitter’s @ messages. Microsoft Helps support via Twitter is also available in other languages through different accounts. Here’s the list of the available ones:

French = @MSVousAide

German = @MicrosoftHilft

Spanish = @MicrosoftAyuda

Portuguese = @MicrosoftAjuda

Italian = @MicrosoftAiuta

Japanese = @MSHelpsJP

Dutch = @MicrosoftHelpt

Follow the account for your language and ask questions regarding your issues and get quick help from Microsoft Helps support team.

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