How to Recover deleted NTFS Partition

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April 1, 2012

NTFS (New Technology File System) is the most popular and widely used file system due to its great features like data encryption, compression, large volume support, increased file and folder security, automatic monitoring and reporting technology etc. These features make NTFS file system even more popular and that’s why this file system is used by famous Windows operating system such as NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7. Besides features, NTFS have some unsorted error that can happen anytime with your PC such as system file or partition table corruption and you could lose your important data especially in the absence of backup. Here you will find the details about why your NTFS partition get corrupted and some handy ways you can do on your own to recover data from the deleted or formatted NTFS partition.

Why NTFS partition gets corrupted?

There are numerous reasons behind NTFS partition corruption after which important files and folders might become inaccessible.  Some major facts that contribute the most towards NTFS file system corruption can be following:

  • Important system files corruption such ntfs.sys, boot.ini
  • Bad hard drives delivered by the manufacturer
  • Virus/ malware attack
  • Unsuccessful format during installing Windows
  • Hard drive equipments become fails

How to perform NTFS Recovery

In most of the cases, troubleshooting hard disk problems or fixing file system corruption is not so successful and in the end, you need to format your whole drive to use it anymore. As a result, you could loose your whole data which is hard to regain, not impossible though. If you find yourself in similar situation and seeking ways to fix it, then just do a research about NTFS recovery software. These software are more powerful to perform deep scan and to restore deleted partitions with all its data. Below are the some advantages which you can get while using NTFS partition recovery software:

  • Can recover the lost/deleted partitions
  • Can recover important images, videos, songs etc.
  • Can perform the search operations for any specific file types that you had lost somehow
  •  Can take backup, clone or image the whole hard disk, monitor the status of your hard disk etc.

Above features make these software more needy tool for people like you. Don’t ever say ‘It will never happen to me’.  Things can happen anytime with anyone and no one stop it. You can only prepare yourself for such kind of situations.

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  • Alan Parker

    Files that have been deleted or lost from deleted NTFS partition can be recovered using third party recovery software. Remo File Recovery software is an advanced software that can easily recover files from hard drive, memory card, USB drive, etc.