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Choose EaseUS to Recover Any File from Any Device Free

EaseUS data recovery solution is fast to help a busy IT technocrat to save confidential files and classified materials from destruction.  Maybe, your files are lost or damaged.  EaseUS file recovery tool is fantastic...

Windows 8 Review And Key Features

With more than 300 new features it tempts us to look into it and see what they really are. As the famous quote by Dave Barry “Bill Gates is a very rich man today…...

Get the Best Windows IT Support Possible

Windows is the most popular computer operating system in this world. There are very few people, at least amongst those who have received some education or have held an office job that would not have either used it or seen somebody using it. Some would say that it is as ubiquitous as Coca Cola. It is used in offices, homes, and schools. It is used in banking, trade, and commerce, as well as in industry and government organizations. Its conquest of the earth is complete, and Bill Gates the progenitor is one of the richest men in the world.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualisation Explained

Virtualisation is a computer technology which allows for the creation of a virtual as opposed to an actual or physical version of something, like an operating system, network resource or storage device. For instance a virtual Windows operating system can be easily accessed via a Mac which gives the user an opportunity to work with two operating systems on one computer / hardware. With this approach people and businesses are able to centralize the management of their network. It also reduces the dependency on additional hardware and software which cost extra both in the long and short term.

Is Linux more Secure than Windows? – An Extended Debate

A stretched debate has been on for years on the choice of superior OS between Windows and Linux. PC protection is every one’s upmost priority, so they go for the best possible antivirus like Norton, Avast or Carbonite. However, nothing will work, if the foundation is not correct, i.e. the security of your system depends upon the operating system brought into use. And Windows and Linux come up to be the top rivals in the race of best OS. Here we are, with an extensive discussion on the pros and cons of both, to give you a fair idea. Keeping the below points in mind will help you pinpoint the best OS for your complete system and Internet security.

default picture boost registry

How to Boost your computer speed using Regedit

It is extremely easy to speed up your computer by tweaking only a handful of default system setting in Windows 7 OS. To make windows more appealing to our eyes, by default a number of unnecessary settings are pre-programmed in Windows 7 which can be tweaked or disabled only in a few mouse clicks in regedit.

How to Recover deleted NTFS Partition

NTFS (New Technology File System) is the most popular and widely used file system due to its great features like data encryption, compression, large volume support, increased file and folder security, automatic monitoring and reporting technology etc.

Occurrence of a Black Screen in the Release Version of Windows Vista and Ways To Overcome

‘Autochk.exe’ is a built-in system utility in Windows Vista that scans the whole system for errors. Usually, this utility starts when your system recovers from an error or after an improper shutdown. Though, ‘Autochk.exe’ is a reliable tool, sometimes it leads to disk corruption. In a few cases, the aftermath of disk corruption could be tremendous and cause a perilous situation of data loss. To overcome this problem, you need to go for hard drive recovery through a reliable third-party utility. To overcome this problem, you need to go for hard drive recovery through a reliable third-party utility.

How to install Internet Explorer 8 in Windows XP virtual machine

Internet explorer 9 has already become one of the favoured browsers among Windows users. But Internet Explorer 9 only works on Windows 7 or Windows Vista and not on Windows XP or any older version of Windows. Its because Internet Explorer 9 uses Direct2D for hardware acceleration which is not available on Windows XP. But don’t worry you can still use Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP. But if you are running Windows XP on a virtual machine, you might have noticed that your system doesn’t show any updates for the existing Internet Explorer 6. Well here is a workaround for that.