Prevent system slowdown at startup in Windows XP

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November 4, 2008

If your system hangs up or slows down tremendously every time you start your computer then that might be very annoying to you. Here are some tricks that may help you.

1.  Many softwares that you install load at startup. Some of these may be totally unnecessary to you as you may be using them rarely. So you can remove those from the system configuration. From the run command launch msconfig and then under the startup tab, uncheck all the applications that you don’t want to run at the startup. Then reboot your computer.

2. Background Intelligent Transfer running in the background may also slow down your PC. To disable this, go to the services tab under msconfig window and then disable Background Intelligent Transfer. After making changes, reboot your computer.

3. Turn off automatic updates. that is necessary for you, it can be done once in a week manually.

4. Sometimes remote devices for which server is mapped unavailable also slow down computer. To prevent slowdown at startup, delete all such mappings.

5. Disabling xp splashup screen can slightly decrease the time taken for startup. But this will also disable bootup messages like chkdsk. But they are not that important. To do this, edit boot.ini. Go to Run command and type C:\boot.ini (If your Windows is installed in C drive). Then add /noguiboot right after /fastdetect (without quotes).

6. Sometimes networking also slows down the computer. Turning off file and printer sharing and restoring them can decrease startup time.

7. Increasing disk cache can also decrease startup time in Windows XP.

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    Disabling xp splashup screen can slightly decrease the time taken for startup.

  • Anonymous

    Yes That is also a cool idea.