Some thing that may annoy you in Windows XP

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November 8, 2008

Prevent password expiration for your username: After using Windows XP for a couple of time, you might have come across a message saying-“Your password will expire in 14 days. Do you want to change it now?”. You can overcome this problem.

1. In the Run command type control userpasswords2. In the Advanced Tab, Select Users in the Local Users and Groups.

2. Right click the username for which you want the password to expire never.

3. Then select properties and check “Password never expires” and Apply that setting.

Disable Error Reporting: When any program crashes and you end it, you see a window where it asks you to send error report to Microsoft or not. You can disable this.

1. Open Control Panel in Windows XP and Click on Performance and Maintainence.

2. Then click on System and then on Advanced Tab. Disable the Error Reporting Button and click OK.

Turn off Autoplay: To turn off Autoplay function when you insert a CD-ROM:

1. Go to Run command and type gpedit.msc and hit Enter.

2. Under  administrative templates locate “Turn off Autoplay”. Double click it, select the disable option and then Apply.

Disable New Programs Highlighting: Annoyed of that popup which keeps on telling you that new programs have been installed? Here’s the way to remove it:

1. Right Click Start Menu and then select properties.  Then from the Start Menu Tab select “Customize”.

2. Click on Advanced Tab and uncheck highlight newly installed programs and you’re done.

Stop programs from loading at startup: Many programs that you install launch at startup and get minimized at the system tray. Some of them may be barely used ones also.  So to prevent Windows slowdown at startup by stopping such items from loading:

1. In the Run command type msconfig and hit Enter.

2. In the Startup Tab uncheck the items you don’t want to load at startup and then apply the settings.

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